Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wow, it's been like over a year since I've posted...damn!

One of my New Year's resolutions (one of many!) will have to be to start (and stick with) a new & improved blog!!  Here's a picture~ the only recent one on my desktop right now.
But for now...a quick update.  Orange is 7 and just as wonderful as always.  She's just such an outgoing & creative kid, I really couldn't ask for anything more (I know this sounds like bragging but it's true!).  She is constantly cutting/ writing/ taping/ gluing/ stapling, etc. just busy making things.  She likes to ransack the recycling bin for inspiration.  Which is fine, except when I go to clean her room and it's, well..full of trash!  She's also getting really good at reading & writing lately.
Ocean is 21 months, which is a fun age.  She's very into "Daddy" and every day, I hear "Where's Daddy?" about a dozen times.  Last week she was sick with a cold, and there was one night where she just nursed ALL NIGHT.  I seriously had about 1 hour of sleep total and she had the audacity to cry for ", Daddy, Daddy!!" first thing in the morning.  No respect!  She's also really into baby dolls (she has a wagon full), which I love as I was a baby-doll lover myself & Orange never really cared for dolls (she was much more into stuffed animals...I was just looking at old pictures from when she was 4 & 5, and in every picture she's holding a different stuffed friend, very cute!).  
I've started some midwifery classes (through the MMA), just because birth interests me, not because I necessarily want to become a midwife (although, perhaps someday...the on-call aspect would not work for us right now with young children).  It's a fun group of crunchy & eccentric women and I'm learning a lot.  At our last class, we practiced cervical exams and blood draws on each other!  Which is something I never thought I would do and quite a far cry from the plastic dummies and oranges we used in nursing school!  

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Teena said...

What a great update...Ocean is getting so big...