Tuesday, July 22, 2008

We went in and actually came out with what we went in for

No less than a miracle. 
Every time we go into Ikea, we regret it.  It's just this overwhelming sea of swedish plastic and pressboard, essentially a Euro-coated Wal-Mart. It's always terribly over-crowded, we always feel a bit nauseous from eating too many meatballs, and we never quite find what we want (but manage to spend a couple hundred regardless on cheap plastic crap that we don't exactly need). We spend all this time searching and writing out the number codes on the cards they give you only to inevitably find that what we're looking for is out of stock.  
Well, this time was relatively painless.  We went in for a cheap plastic high chair & that's what we came out with.  There was a brief moment of panic when we found only red high chairs in aisle #21 (I would have just gotten the red one, but Cory was concerned that it would clash with our bright green kitchen...I, on the other hand, have always been a fan of contrasting colors). We were then directed to aisle #15 where "all (read:most) of the children's items are," only to find exclusively white high chairs.  We finally found what we were looking for, a blue high chair, in aisle #17.  Mind you, these are the exact same high chairs just in different colors...wouldn't you think they'd all be in the same spot, in the same aisle, perhaps in the aisle with "all of the children's items"?  You would think.
Anyways, I'm happy we actually got what we went in for (plus an additional $100 of cheap plastic crap that we don't really need)...and Ocean is delighted.  After months of ogling and drooling over us eating, she can now sit up with us and enjoy her sippy cup of water.  Not exactly a prime rib, but she'll take whatever she can get.

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