Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Beco: tha baby shit we love, part 1

When Ocean was an infant, I tried a Maya wrap, a Kangaroo Korner fleece pouch, and a regular ring sling, and she always seemed to get devoured and lost in the abyss and none of them were very comfortable, especially for walking long distances.  So after pouring over the babywearing forum (yes, they have a forum dedicated to this as well as any other subject a crunchy type would want to peruse, from breast feeding to uncirc'd penises), we decided to splurge and get the highly rated $140 Beco carrier.
And I'm glad we did, as we are loving it.  It's super-comfortable & can accommodate a wide range of body sizes (read: pot bellies & post-baby bellies!) and, unlike the Ergo,  comes in cool prints (ours is the cameron).  Also, unlike the Ergo, it has a built-in fabric panel "infant insert" so it can properly sit a newborn and you can use it from day #1.   Since Ocean will not tolerate the stroller yet & prefers to be carried 24-7 (and who can blame her really?), an excellent carrier is a must and this is that.  I think in another month or so, she'll be big enough to ride in a back carry, which will make it easier to get things done (like washing dishes...not that I'm looking forward to that).  
I just have a couple of small gripes.  The web-site claims that you can easily breast feed while wearing the Beco, but, alas, not me.  There is no way in hell I'd be able to maneuver my ginormous beastly breasts into an appropriate position suitable for comfortable nursing in this.  But it may be able to work for smaller-breasted women, I wouldn't know.  
And it does get hot on these 90-degree days & there's nothing worse than wearing a sticky sweaty mess of a baby on a steamy hot day, but hey, we're in New England where those days are few & far between, and this carrier is perfect for the other 346 days.  


Kim said...

very cute! can you use it for newborns and nursing, or is it more for older babies?

turtledove said...

Hey - like the blog. You write well, interesting read... maybe I'll borrow that carrier for my next babe:) Where are the vacation pictures? Robyn

turtledove said...

Not sure where the name came from. I typed turtle and dove just flowed right after:)